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Yes join me in with a class action lawsuit. My mother and i was on a vacation and was met with high pressure salesmen also.

I was actually interested in the supposed deal because i hace xhikdren and thet make it seen like oh yes your children would loce thus and yes it would be so good for you and your kids. When i said i couldnt handle the cost they were proposing they sit there and basically came up with a total different package that seemed more affordable. Stupid as i was at the time i was like yes i want to do this. Well when they ran my credit report they said oh you cant get it but uf your mom loves uou we can run her name and if her credit is good we can oit it in her name and after you pay the payments a few months we will automactically transfer it to your name.

Well that was a bunch of BS. Sowhat ipay the down oayment and i pay the payments but this company refuses tonput it in my name but all the while are taking the payments from my checking for the oast three years. My mother suddenly passed away and they receive her death certificate. Ok so here it was my mother kwned this i was listed as a user but do they transfer the plan into my name beings they cintinued ti remove payments from my account???

I played and playdx with them on the phone for 7 months. Oh yes we wikl put it ib your name. Oh no we cant. Oh lets just put it in her sisters name and demand a payoff.

Noone has ever vactioned there. They have ripped me personally off alot of money. Even being listed as a user they refused to give me access to the internet site to even obtain information about a trip.

Yes i am done and and yes i want to be invovled in a lawsuit against this company. So any help would be appreciated but if not that is fune i will pursue this on my own.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I would love to join you! We purchased our Sailing vacation 10 years ago and were promised the world with a cap on our maintenance fees.

10 years ago it started at 350, now we are at 785. And have not been able to use one trip. I contacted Festiva and a representative called me and offered to let me out of my contract.

$25,000 up front plus maintenance fees every year to not be able to make use of the Vacations we paid for.....REALLY! I think we can contact our local attorney general as there have been so many lawsuits.


Well let's see if this works . I am interested in selling back my points .

I switched from SandCastle Resort (which you are no longer a part of ). I found out your company did not Get my children to sign over the Deeds , so someone in your company forged their names and now you gave the Deeds back to SandCastle instead of me. So I would like to Sell out of the Festiva program .Please get back to me . Robert V. Ward

Festiva Adventure Club Verified Representative

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for sharing your concerns. We would be happy to assist you by submitting a request to have a representative reach out.

Can you provide the e-mail address associated with the account or your member ID? Once we can locate the account, we will be able to determine how best to assist you.

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