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My wife and I purchased Festiva Adventure Club membership 2 years ago and as of yet have been unable to use it. The destinations we request are NEVER available. Also, their RTX exchange affiliation is equally useless. We have attempted on several occasions to make reservations at the Church Street Inn in downtown Charleston, SC. We have tried weekends, weekdays, peak, off peak you name it. No success. I was even willing to let the customer... Read more

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I bought a contract at Church Street Inn, and decided to rescind it when I could not verify the information given to me by the saleman. My letter was received by them within the deadline and the deadline for my refund came and went without getting my money back. I made many calls and could not resolve the issue, so I had to get my credit card company to help get my money back. This was so unprofessional that I would recommend that you go with... Read more

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Not one--but at least four--representatives of Festiva, Voyages by RTX, or whatever the heck they want or don't want to be identified by promised high quality resort vacations for "$89 to $399" per week. Of course, they never bothered to back up these statements with any documentation and then push a long contract in front of you that says, in essence, it doesn't matter what we've said! They continually talked about their honesty and high rating... Read more

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These group of people are crooks and do not respond as they say. You can never reach them by phone, especially the first 30 days of buying form them because you change your mind and want to cancel. After 30 days you might get a response but never a return call. They take your money, they are never available to help or answer questions but they sure do have their credit people call your phone once a day to try and collect the past due... Read more

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We purchased the Peppertree at Atlantic Beach NC. We were told our yearly maintenance fees would ensure us the resort would always stay looking as good as it does the day we purchased. Also the annual dues hasn't raised in over 5 years. With everyone joining, they don't see them ever raising over 2% every few years. Our salesman was ever so sweet and convincing. He also informed us, we were making an investment in prime ocean property. And in... Read more

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Total ripoff... I have to call e tour and travel for anything... Hey...they said opt out at anytime....didnt bother to say how... Rip off

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I was just left a message from Peppertree at Atlantic Beach NC stating that we would not be allowed to use our week this year. (2 weeks away) All of the other information we have been sent did NOT include our building in the re-construction. I paid my yearly upkeep fee and the special assessment fee and now this? Surely there is something that can be done. How can they get away with charging extra fees and upkeep fees when you don't even get... Read more

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I was suspicious from the moment my friend wanted to buy into the Adventure Club, but if I would have said anything to him, he would have just gotten mad at me, so I said nothing. Well, he found out soon enough that it was a rip off. Never could get one of their $99.00 vacations they told us about. Put in a complaint to the Attorney General in Branson but got nowhere. They are a rip-off also. What a waste they are to the taxpayers. Only good... Read more

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I inherited the timeshare from my parents. In the meantime I was battling MS . I have been in my wheelchair since 2001 and have tried to use the timeshare with very little luck due to the lack of disabled rooms and ramps for my wheelchair. The fees have gone up so much I struggle to pay with my SS income. When I try to contact someone to talk to I am sent to another # and then they pass the buck to someone else. I would love to be able to speak... Read more

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Me and my husband took our son to branson for his birthday we got a good deal through save on branson but was told we had to go to a seminar at festiva or we would be charged on are credit card so we went was told it would take a hour we was in there for about 4 hours and we decided to go ahead and buy a vacation package we put down over 1,000 dollars everything sounded great yeah right we didn't get are reward credits when we tried to book a... Read more

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